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Formerly Homeless Enjoy The Fruits Of Their Labor

Michele Gillen (CBS Miami — September 9, 2012)

A special recognition dinner was held for a group of formerly homeless people turned farmers at Verde Gardens in Homestead. (Source: CBS4)

Tough economic times have left many families without homes and jobs but a sweet recipe for turning lives around is being served up in one of the best restaurants in town. At its heart, an organic farm with a first of its kind harvest in America.

As sun kissed rays dance amid the vines and the summer heat bakes the brow of farmers, the air is sweet with the scent of blossoms, basil and hope on a Homestead farm that’s changing lives.

Here to purchase and pick fruits and vegetables this day, one of the worlds most celebrated chefs, Norman Van Aken.

“This is one of the best chapters in Miami’s history of food. And imagine, you can feed your family, a child a neighbor,” said Van Aken.

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