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Egg and Poultry Sales to Consumers to Expand

Kevin Bouffard (The Ledger — September 14, 2012)

Buying farm-fresh eggs and poultry should get a lot easier next year. And legal to sell for small farmers.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services held a workshop Thursday at its Winter Haven office on a new rule that would allow small farms to sell a limited amount of fresh eggs and dressed poultry directly to consumers.

Current law allows direct sale to consumers only if those items are labeled as “pet food” or the farm is also a licensed processor, said Lee Cornman, assistant director at the department’s Division of Food Safety. Direct farm sales for human consumption are otherwise illegal.

The new regulations will allow for direct egg sales from farms with up to 1,000 laying hens in any year, said John Fruin, chief of the Division of Food Safety.

The new rule also would allow for the slaughter and direct sale of no more than 20,000 poultry birds raised on that farm per year subject to U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations, they said.

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