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Take the 10% Local Food Shift Pledge!

Help shift the global diet to the local!

A new initiative by Transition Colorado, sponsored by the Boulder County Farmers' Markets, connecting Boulder County eaters with local growers and food producers, strengthening the local food economy. In Boulder County, of the $947 million we spend on food each year, less than two percent is actually grown or produced within the county.

We're inviting everyone — individuals, families, businesses, schools, restaurants, and institutions—to devote up to 10 percent of their food budget to local food, to food that is raised, processed, cooked, distributed and sold by people in your community — people that you know and trust.

How It Works

  • Visit LocalFoodShift.com and take the 10% Pledge now!
  • Enter your current food purchasing patterns.
  • Receive a weekly email asking you to update your food purchasing.
  • Watch how much of your food budget shifts to local!

The total Boulder County food dollars shifted to local are tracked and displayed on LocalFoodShift.com to demonstrate the economic impact of food localization. 

To help in your search for local, the website also connects you with Boulder County sources of local food!

Take the 10% Pledge: www.LocalFoodShift.com

How to Make the 10% Shift a Reality

  • Patronize restaurants and grocers who source locally. If you’re not sure it’s local, just ask!
  • Shop at the Boulder or Longmont Farmers’ Markets. They are a great source of truly local food, and provide a fun outing!
  • Adopt a farm and become a CSA member (community supported agriculture). Get to know your farmer, and visit often!
  • Eat what’s in season. It won’t have traveled as far as out-of-season fruit and vegetables.
  • At your grocer, check the labels. Buy the product that comes from the nearest source.
  • Learn to grow at least some of your own food. Get a community garden plot or start a veggie patch in your yard. Take reskilling classes if you need how-to help.