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Scalloping: An Easy, Edible Adventure

JODI MAILANDER FARRELL (The Miami Herald — August 23, 2012)

Annie Farrell 13, shows a scallop she caught in Crystal Bay with Captain Rick LeFiles’ boat in the background. PATRICK FARRELL / MIAMI HERALD STAFF

For city folks, Miamians have it pretty easy if they want to experience the thrill of hunting and gathering.

We have pick-em fields of strawberries in the Redland or tomatoes in Homestead. There’s mahi mahi just offshore, and snapper and snook in our mangroves. There are spiny lobsters, now in season, hiding among the rocks of Biscayne Bay.

But there is a marine delicacy just out of our reach that is worth a road trip, and we have one month left to reap its harvest: bay scallops.

To get to those fan-shaped shells hiding their mild, sweet meat inside, cross over to the west coast of Florida and head north. You don’t have to drive all the way to Steinhatchee, the remote, panhandle-meets-peninsula village synonymous with scalloping. There’s a closer, lesser-known option just north of Tampa. The coastal communities of Crystal River and Homosassa are better known as winter havens for manatees, but they’re enjoying a bountiful scallop season this summer — and they’re only a five-hour drive from Miami.

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