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10% Local Food Shift Challenge


According to a 2006 study of the Sarasota County foodshed by Ken Meter of the Crossroads Resource Center, Sarasota County residents spend a grand total of $797 million on food each year. However, $500 million is lost each and every year because it is spent on food from outside the region. This is approximately 15 times the total value of all crops and livestock raised in Sarasota County.

That’s the bad news, but the good news is that this same study asserts that if we would only purchase 5% of our food directly from local farmers, that would generate $40 million in additional farm income every year! In these tough economic times, this would create hundreds, if not thousands, of new green jobs and greatly stimulate our local economy.

This is why Transition Sarasota has created the 10% Local Food Shift Challenge. All we are asking is for you to pledge to grow or buy at least 10% of your food locally – and then follow through. If you aren’t familiar yet with where you can find local food, you can locate an abundance of local food producers and retailers who will be happy to have your business through our EAT LOCAL! Resource Guide & Directory.

If you’re already at 10%, many thanks and congratulations! Please take this opportunity to further increase your local food consumption by 10% or more. By doing so, you will not only be providing safer and healthier food for yourself and your family, you will also be fostering a healthier local economy and planet at the same time.

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