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Ongoing Campaign Elements


Boulder County’s EAT LOCAL! Resource Guide provides free listings of local food producers, CSAs, and farmers’markets and the restaurants and organizations that support them. Updates and original local stories are available throughout the year at

Speakers and Panels

We bring many internationally significant speakers into Boulder County events. Past speakers have included The Farm’s Albert Bates, Post Carbon Institute’s Richard Heinberg, BALLE founder Judy Wicks, and Slow Money founder Woody Tasch. We also provide local experts for the EarthWorks Expo, Colorado Bioneers Conference, and the Chautauqua Forum series.

Community Events

To nurture a culture that values locally grown, organic food, we host community celebrations and events. These have included A Renaissance of Local (a 3-day conference and expo, attracting more than 900 people); Eat Local Celebration (with the Highland’s City Club); and Eat Local Days (with the Boulder County Farmers’ Markets).

The Great ReskillingClasses, Courses, Workshops

We host ongoing educational events, including The Great Reskilling (covering basic practical life skills we have largely lost, from growing, cooking and canning food, to permaculture design courses); and Training for Transition (grounding people in the Transition methodology and how to start Initiatives in their communities).

Documentary Film Screenings

To keep the local community informed of emerging discoveries about our food and food system, we screen food-related documentaries. Past films have included “The Future of Food,”“The Real Dirt on Farmer John,”“Fresh,”“King Corn,”and “The World According to Monsanto.”

Community Forums and Dialogues

To involve more members of the community, we organize public dialogues on local food and agriculture. Past events have included Going Local: Preparing for the Coming Energy Crisis (2006); the Boulder County Food Summit (2008); the Chautauqua Sustainability Series (2008), and a discussion on GMO sugar beets following our screening of “The World According to Monsanto.”

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  1. Chip Bartholomay says:

    OK…perhaps not quite on topic here, but…

    If anyone reads this, is there actually a way to contribute to this worthy cause that does not require on-line payment? Specifically, is there a stand at the Boulder Farmer’s Market?

    It seems to me that there should be…not everyone is comfortable with on-line payments.

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