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EAT LOCAL! Campaign Mission & Goals

The overarching mission of the EAT LOCAL! campaign is to catalyze a more resilient local food system for Boulder County, based on deep ecological principles and a more connected populace, with far less dependence on fossil fuels and petroleum-based inputs. This mission can be summarized into several goals:

  • Support Boulder County existing growers in rapidly expanding local food production capacity.
  • Catalyze the rebuilding of local infrastructure for food storage, processing, marketing and distribution systems.
  • Educate the public about the health and sustainability benefits of transitioning to a local, organic, and meat-reduced diet.
  • Educate local governments about the benefits of local organic agriculture as economic development, including job creation.
  • Develop plans and strategies to revamp local agriculture for wide adoption of sustainable food production, bringing to the forefront models of innovative bio-intensive agriculture that are far less dependent on fossil fuels, petroleum-based fertilizers, and herbicides /insecticides.
  • Promote reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through curtailing long-distance food shipping and processing costs, naturally sequestering carbon in croplands, converting crops for animal feeds to produce for human consumption.
  • Increase the number of small-plot organic farmers in Boulder County, through education, training, and policy changes.
  • Promote local laws and policies that support local food production, including chicken-raising within city limits, rainwater catchment and gray water processing systems, and other innovative practices.
  • Increase support for CSAs and farmers’ markets throughout Boulder County.
  • Strengthen connections among local farms, food producers, restaurants, caterers, institutions, and the public.
  • Work with the Boulder County government to develop a visionary plan and policies for its 17,000 acres of Open Space agricultural land, focusing on conversion to food production for local consumption and gradual phasing-in of organic growing methods.
  • Train and empower county residents to grow at least some of their own food and learn the arts of seed saving, food preservation, season extension, and soil fertility.
  • Strive to channel local investment funds into projects that directly strengthen the local foodshed and the local economy.
  • Promote replication of successful strategies across Colorado, and make them available to groups throughout the United States and the world.

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